Jillie Balm


Jilllie Balm – The ‘bomb’ of healing salves!

Claudia Arsenio of Runaway Farm in Dartmouth and Jillian VanNostrand of Seacoast Breast Health in Seekonk team up to produce one winning salve for every possible need. ‘Jillie Balm’ is a proprietary blend of organic and wild crafted, fresh and dried herbs, virgin olive oil and beeswax.

Jillie Balm

The ‘bomb’ of healing salves
Ingredients:  dried roots of echinacea, goldenseal, marshmallow, comfrey, myrrh gum, slippery elm bark, flowers and leaves of calendula, plantain, yarrow, lavender, comfrey, chamomile, nettle
Directions: mix = parts powdered golden seal root, slippery elm bark, myrrh gum resin
(This is the BIG 3 called ‘people paste’ when mixed w raw honey and used in place of stitches.)
Add to these powders = parts powdered  Marshmallow root, comfrey root, echinacea root.
Add 2X as much of the leaf & flowers: Yarrow, calendula, plantain, chamomile, lavender, nettle & comfrey.
Mix together covering all with fresh st. johnswort infused olive oil.
Cook over lowest heat 12 hours.
Longer is ok.
Cool and strain through kitchen sack cloth.    Add beeswax to desired thickness.

The bomb! – Jillie Balm


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