Medicine Show


Traveling Medicine Show

Weed Walk – at Our Location or Yours

Learn herbs for body and soul. Learn how to identify, harvest, store and make medicines from weeds. Wear play clothes and bring a digging tool & plastic bag. Bring home a plant, a remedy and a yen for inviting the wild green into your life. $10/person, gather 10 people! 1-hour walk.


Other Offerings:

– Spring Tonics

–  Heart Health Naturally

– Fermented Foods

– Beehive Remedies


The old favorites that inspired the Radical Weeds gardening books:

PMS/Menopause Herbs

Stress Relief Herbs

Immunity Herbs

Brewing Herbal Ales

Cultivate Your Inner Garden!


Do you get indigestion?  gas? fatigue?  insomnia?  irregularity? Nourish yourself!

Chamomile– tea eases digestive upset, controls H-Pyloribacter responsible for many stomach ulcers.  Tincture relieves insomnia. Homeopathic relieves earaches, irritability.  Nourishes nerves.

Lemon Balm– calms and strengthens circulatory system while stimulating digestion.  Strong antiviral, especially against herpes. Nourishes the nervous system.

Catnip– relieves gas and indigestion, relieves muscle cramps, induces sleep, nourishes the nerves.

Ginger– relieves nausea, stimulates immune function, acts as antioxidant, drives heat into the bones.

Fennel–  stimulates appetite and digestion, relieves gas, freshens breath.

Fenugreek– eases digestion, reduces excess mucous secretions.

Caraway– provides tonic nourishment and aids digestion

Coriander– stimulates the appetite and supports digestion.  Aids in detoxing from mercury poisoning.

Peppermint– eases indigestion, gas, calming; enteric coated essential oil relieves irritable bowel.(pepogest)

Dandelion root-stimulates bile production and flow 25%, nourishes liver, balances hormones, aids detox. Use the greens as a bitter…sautee or juice for a balanced diuretic.

Milk Thistle-increases bile production and flow 40%, protects liver, stimulates immune response, stimulates growth of healthy liver cells.

Cascara– stimulates bile flow and increases peristalsis; softens  stool and increases volume of elilmination; good for detox.

Using raw honey increases the nutritional and enzymatic value of your herbal tea! It’s also specific against H-Pylori…use in teas.

Foods against parasites:  raw carrots, pumpkin seeds, black walnut hull (as tea, extract or ground up), garlic, triphala (ayurvedic fruit
formula), clove. MSM is also antiparasitic and alkalanizing…also, digestive enzymes on an empty stomach are stool softeners…

Cultivate your inner garden with naturally homegrown flora!  You can make a nutritious, energizing and refreshing fermented tonic right in your kitchen using any grain and fresh water…

Rejuvelac *

1 Cup oatmeal / 4 Cups water  (can use barley or another grain)

1.  Soak the oatmeal in a jar of water for at least 8 hours at room temperature..
2.  Drain the water off the swollen grains.  The soaking water isrejuvelac.At this point you can use the rejuvelac to cook the soaked oatmeal…in which case you will have a creamy, delicious, fortified oatmeal.


3.  Strain and ferment rejuvelac in a jar, loosely covered to keep flies and dust out, for about 2 days at room temperature.

4. Store rejuvelac in the fridge and drink as desired, or use as a stock for juicing, soups, etc.

Remember:  the road to health is paved with good intestines

* from Sandor Ellix Katz’s Wild Fermentation.  The Flavor, Nutrition, and Craft of Live-Culture Foods, Chelsea Green Publishing Co., White River, Vt., 2003.





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