Inspiration from Mt Hope Farm Farmer’s Market – Buon Appetito!

Saturday’s festival at the Mt Hope Farm was inspirational thanks to the farmers and artists who bring it to the barn every Saturday.  Here’s a sample of kitchen amazements emerging since my visit…


Eggplant and hot sausage layered with porcini mushroom risotto & special sauce


  • Arugula pesto from Mt Hope Farm
  • Hot sausage from
  • Aged balsamic & extra virgin olive oil from

    Hot sausage & fresh spinach in balsamic champagne demiglaze with raw parm over farfalle


  •  Hot pork sausage from Windmist Farm
  •  Bacio del Sol Robusto extra virgin olive oil & 12 year old balsamic vinegar from Appetito Foods
  •  Chicken of the woods mushroom from the RI Mushroom Company

Buon Appetito!


About WMVN

Artist - Entrepreneur Owner, Bitte Artisanal Catering
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