Natural Breast Health

I conduct Thermography exams on Monday mornings at Seekonk Family Chiropractic for Dr. Joann Monteiro. She provides follow-up care on Thursdays in her office.

The aim of Thermography is to empower you to take specific action steps in caring for your precious breasts, and in doing so, we will care for your whole being. ​

​You are a unique individual with your own story, way of eating, specific gene pool, life activities, and stressors.  As such, when we look to optimize your breast health we will necessarily have to take your full story into account. This is what is meant by an integrative and individualized approach.

Let’s briefly review each of the 6 Facets so you can understand this holistic principle:

The 6 Facets of Breast Health

Breast tissue

Hormone Balance

Detoxification Pathways

The Immune System

Nutrition and Digestion

Psycho-Emotional Peace

Now that you have an introduction to the 6 Facets of Breast Health, take the first step on your journey to having the best breast health ever with a European Thermography breast analysis.

Breast Tissue

Breast tissue health is governed by many systems in the body. We have found that prevention of disease is best achieved by examination of the physiology and the function of the systems involved, in addition to breast palpation.

​​Breasts are made up of fatty connective tissue that produce and excrete milk.

Hormone Balance

The breasts are stimulated and affected by specific hormones of the endocrine system, namely estrogen and progesterone, of which the supply and balance of these hormones is important.

When one or more of the endocrine glands are dysfunctional or deficient, it affects the balance of the whole system, which in turn affects the delicate estrogen and progesterone balance so necessary to breast health.

The Lymphatic System

The lymphatic system is part of the immune system and plays a significant role in the health of the breasts by moving and clearing debris and waste from the body and delivering white blood cells to protect us from infection. Taking care of low-grade, chronic infection and inflammation, as well as having good lymphatic flow is essential to good, clean breast health.

Lymphatic System

Detoxification Pathways

Detoxification pathways allow elimination of our metabolic waste and toxins. Because the breasts are largely fatty tissue, they often store the more difficult toxins to eliminate, namely the fat soluble toxins. Unless we detoxify the tissue, these toxins cause free-radical damage, degeneration and disease.  Thus, we must keep our organs that eliminate, healthy and vital.

The Immune System & Nutrition and Digestion

Having a good nutrient supply available every day not only promotes health for every organ in the body but makes healing possible and more efficient. A clean, nutrient-rich diet is the foundation for vibrant health.

Meanwhile, you can be eating the best organic, whole foods in town and still be nutrient-starved if your digestion and absorption is weak or impaired. This causes silent inflammation that drags down your immune system and burdens your lymphatic flow.

Psycho-Emotional Peace

Finally, the breasts are located over the heart chakra and are our foremost relational organs. They are sensitive to emotional trauma and stress, and highly influenced by the balance of hormones and the buildup of toxins. Clearing our bodies of trauma energy and stress is a powerful and necessary step for lasting breast health and healing.


Your breast tissue should not be viewed in isolation from the rest of your body.  It is part of your whole and relies on many systems for its health and optimal function.  When any of the systems in the 6 Facets of Breast Health are under duress or imbalanced, are sluggish or toxic, your breasts will be impacted to some degree.

To the extent that we can identify and respond appropriately to our body’s needs in these 6 areas is the extent to which we can achieve not only greater breast health but greater overall health and vitality.

Now that you have an introduction to the 6 Facets of Breast Health,
take the first step on your journey to having the best breast health ever
with a European Thermography breast analysis.

What Will I Experience at the appointment? 

European Thermography is a gentle test that takes temperature readings on your skin, analyzes them, and gives you a colored report showing how healthy your organs and glands are, including your lovely breasts.

You will arrive at your appointment wearing a long sleeve shirt and long pants. The test is done standing. Our technician, Jill Van Nostrand, will take temperature readings on your face and neck, by lightly touching your skin with the thermometer. Then you will remove your all your clothing except for your underpants, and Jill will finish taking the first set of temperature readings on your torso, front and back, and your breasts (for women).

You will then remain standing for 10 minutes while your body thermoregulates, adjusting blood flow to maintain a constant body temperature now that you are unclothed. (You will feel a little chilly.)

After the 10-minute adjustment period, which makes this a functional test, Jill will take a second temperature reading at every single point. The whole test takes about half an hour.

A report will be generated for Dr. Monteiro (or your referring physician) to review with you at a separate appointment. The results will help you understand what you can do to keep your breasts healthy.

How much does it cost?

The cost is $200, and that includes the test, the consultation with Dr. Monteiro, and the written report.

How do I schedule an appointment?

The best way to schedule an appointment is to call Jill Van Nostrand at (774) 487- 7092 or book with Seacoast Breast Health, at Seekonk Family Chiropractic.



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