Reflections From the Inner Coast

After 20 years of clinical practice in colon hydrotherapy, I have watched this adjunctive therapy head so far into mainstream consciousness, that it’s really no longer simply adjunctive.  For the first time, most of the folks I take care of are quite healthy, and many more westerners are finally growing a colon consciousness: routinely drawing pertinent connections between their inner life and the state of their gut.

Indeed, the month doesn’t go by without some new and amazing research demonstrating the immense necessity of keeping your colon healthy.  New research was recently announced suggesting a functional link between Parkinson’s Disease and intestinal bacteria.  This Spring,  scientists announced that the bowel can make blood cells using its’ own stem cells.  Other studies have demonstrated how disturbed or dysfunctional bowels lacking very specific gut flora drive anxiety and depression, sleeplessness, and many other common and uncommon functional imbalances.

Since the sequencing of the gut biome, there seems no end to the incredible healing potential of the natural balance that can be consciously engendered there! And finally, many more than ever are interested in upgrading gut hygiene and becoming accountable to the real world as it passes through them.  This is a distinct shift from decades ago, when it was generally assumed that you are the one in charge of passing through the world, and not the other way around.  This is a good and timely shift!  Reducing the toxic load now and then is an incredible relief, especially when the environment passing through you is becoming more polluted.

It has been my experience that one can consciously create a margin for error in diet as well as disease and complications of aging by using regular colon therapy as one of many regulation therapies. How often? At minimum, twice yearly, as in dental hygiene. Once per month is not excessive.  Many folks time sessions around travel or integrate it with other health programs.  That doesn’t mean it cures anything.  It simply means you just feel better.  Chances are overwhelming that the extra 2 + pounds of luggage stowed in your colon is something you can put down with great relief in exchange for renewed vitality.  The surprise is the sensation of emotional clearance, the distinct sensation of letting go of all that is not you, and recollecting your best possible self. Colonic clearance is wonderful for practicing new intentions and turning over a new leaf.

Think of your energy body as a pyramid, and make sure your base is strong. Think about turning over your own new leaf this year. Just mention that intention for $10 discount on your next visit!

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