Happy New Year: 10 Steps to Natural Health + Wellness

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     Mainstream medicine appears suddenly poised to differentiate and define an entirely new human organ:  the Mesentary, also called the Omentum.  Using common sense, critical observation, and a conceptual shift from the accepted medical paradigm, researchers have  discovered that the Mesentary is indeed an organ. It is the continuous, fatty, protective and lymphatic sheath holding the intestines in place.

We’ve known for awhile now that it contains transmitters and neurotropic factors extremely useful in many surgeries.  It can promote vascularization in any tissue that it’s placed near.  What does this all mean for us?  Breaking research in 2017 might now begin explaining  IBS, inflammatory bowel disease and a host of ‘mystery ‘ illnesses  that until now have had no apparent cause except  ‘the patients immune system is ‘weak’.  That explanation is beside the point, and It’s a circular logic that blames the victims. We want to know WHY?  And of course, we need to learn what we can do to promote normal regulation.  We know that lymphatic function is  damaged by heavy metal exposure, parasite, viral or other infection, or even blocked regulation of another distant organ or system.
Let’s review some healthy, easy and natural steps everyone can take every day to enhance lymphatic drainage, gut health and promote better autonomic regulation overall.

1.  Drink filtered water with lemon.
2.  Sleep 8 hours at night.
3.  Build a daily spiritual practice.
4.  Practice community building in your own way.
5.  Eat raw, organic and fermented foods like Kim chi, kombucha, kefir, yogurt, sour cream and raw cheeses and milks,
6.  Use organic oils of Sesame, Coconut, Grapeseed, and Olive, and  cultured butter and ghee. Use probiotics.
7.    Use digestive enzymes and eat less.
8.  Build a daily diet using mainly legumes, fruits, veges and nuts.
9.   Learn manual lymphatic drainage techniques from a professional. Practice daily dry brushing, Qi Gong breathing, visualization, meditation, yoga and mindful walking.  Stretch.  Keep moving.
10.  Use herbs to reduce inflammation, promote drainage and enhance immunity, like Kachaan guggle, Turmeric,  (Curcumin), Ashwaganda, and (finally) Cannabis (CBD), one of the most powerful anti-inflammatory resources on the planet.  It’s legal and available in effective, non-psychoactive forms.  Cannacare is the local resource for inquiry re: medical marijuana.
If you resolve to include even one or two of the suggestions above, your regulation will improve over time.  If you’ve already been handed a diagnosis, seek out clinical treatments to correct lymphatics including colon therapy, far infrared sauna, ionic footbath, Ayurvedic pancha karma, acupuncture and massage for lymphatic drainage, as well as chiropractic care and naturopathic treatments.

Where do you begin?
You can initiate your journey using regulation thermography, a non invasive, indirect measure of overall autoregulation that prioritizes your needs, including recommendations for correction, and a follow up treatment with Dr. Joann Monteiro of Seekonk Family Chiropractic.  She currently offers a full network of services and follow up options for both women and men through SeacoastBreastHeatlh.com

Time Magazine has recently reported that cancer treatments overall are becoming more focused on wellness.  Several large centers are adopting a more comprehensive approach to care.  Evaluation includes anxiety, depression, loss of work and financial stress, diet, exercise and group support.  The research is in:  managing these factors mindfully influences treatment outcomes and patient satisfaction in positive ways.  All these findings are starting off a hopeful for mainstream as well as integrative practitioners and their patients.  All of us deserve a new year of radiant health starting right now!

Jillian VanNostrand, R.N., & Shabnam Hashemi, R.N.

Coffee, J.C., FRCS, and O’Leary, D.P., PhD
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