RIEDS Guest Lecture: Radical Remedies

Ehlers Danlos Syndrome
Rhode Island Support Group

Individuals with EDS have a defect in their connective tissue, the tissue that provides support to many body parts such as the skin, muscles and ligaments. The fragile skin and unstable joints found in EDS are the result of faulty collagen. Collagen is a protein, which acts as a “glue” in the body, adding strength and elasticity to connective tissue.

For more information about EDS please visit EDNF.org
We are a support group for those with all types of Ehlers Danlos Syndrome and their caregivers, family and friends.

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JILLIAN VanNOSTRAND, R.N., graduated from Brown University, magna cum laude, ’76, with a degree in psychology, and also from Newport Hospital School of Nursing, ’83. She has been a professional medicinal herbalist, registered nurse, certified midwife, sex educator and counselor for both adults and adolescents. She is also a colon therapist with advanced certification and a 15 year private practice. She has 30 years of formal education, practical knowledge, and teaching experience in natural wellbeing and regulation, with a focus on women’s health. She will be talking to us about colonics and digestive health. For more information about the guest speaker: http://www.radicalremedies.com/html/j…


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Artist - Entrepreneur Owner, Bitte Artisanal Catering
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1 Response to RIEDS Guest Lecture: Radical Remedies

  1. Terri-Lynn says:

    Jill is wonderful! I really miss having my colonics. She is so full of wisdom. She is professional and humorous as well. Her intelligence and knowledge of natural medicine surpasses above and beyond. If you need a good cleanse and a wealth of information in a safe, cozy, and professional environment, see Jill…I doubt you will be disappointed. ❤
    Terri-Lynn Dunbar


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