The Soup Cleanse

Happy New Year!

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Most people prefer a one- to three-day cleanse. For optimal long term results, we recommend Soup Cleansing once a month at least. Because it is very low in calories, it is not recommended as a long term meal replacement.

Soup cleanse’s six daily soups are:

  • detox – a kale and cauliflower soup brightened with ginger to start your day off right
  • shine – this carrot curry soup has the perfect blend of spices to get you moving
  • purify – spinach and broccoli power you through the middle of the day
  • energize – a crimson pick-me-up for the afternoon loaded with beets and orange
  • replenish – romaine lettuce and tomatillo add variety to your greens
  • transcend – savor this clean and healthy cucumber, melon, and mint dessert finale

While you’re cleansing, give yourself a bit of time and space to eat each soup mindfully. Use a bowl with a spoon, paying attention to each mouthful. Eat the soups one at a time every few hours, in order, and on a single day. You can eat them hot or cold. Eat only the soups and drink plenty of water, we recommend 8 ounces between each soup.


A great DIY project, start the New Year right! Or order your SOUP CLEANSE from

$ 68 with free shipping anywhere in continental U.S.

Soup cleanse consists of six soups each day, designed to maximize nutrient density and variety in very few calories (less than 500 in a day). Every ingredient is conscientiously sourced. We use only whole foods. Every soup is gluten-free, soy-free and nut-free.

Move beyond juice: soup cleanse has higher fiber and lower sugar than a juice cleanse – and it’s more fun to eat!

Your soup will arrive via FedEx cold or even partially frozen – please refrigerate them immediately and start your cleanse within three days for best freshness.


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