Join us for the 2015 Pain Awareness Event

Join us for the  2015 Pain Awareness Event

Opiate~Pain Reduction~Alternatives

Miriam Hospital

164 Summit Ave., Providence, RI

SEPTEMBER 19, 2015 2~4pm

Hurvitz Board Conference Room

~Registration is not required~


James P. Crowley, MD, FACP

Retired founding director of the Cancer Center at Memorial Hospital

Professor Emeritus of Medicine at Brown University

“Overview of how we got to where we are today with no effective oral opioids”


Jamie Toscano


Simone Lukas-Jogl, PHD ~ Rolfing Structural Integration

Clive W. Bridgham, MA, DC, DACBSP ~ Barrington Chiropractic & Sports Medicine Clinic

Cris Monteiro ~ Providence Community Acupuncture

Joanne Leppanen ~ President of RIPAC, Medical Marijuana

Learn about local support and awareness

View our INvisible Project Display

For more information, contact:  Ellen & Stu Smith (401) 474-0115


Refreshments donated by WHOLE FOODS

ellen lenox smith

RI Arthritis Foundation Ambassador

RI US Pain Foundation Ambassador

      Co- Director for Medical Marijuana Advocacy

      2010 INvisible Project subject for Ehlers Danlos;

Pain News Network – staff writer for medical marijuana

RI Ehlers Danlos Support Group

       Public Relations Coordinator;


About WMVN

Artist - Entrepreneur Owner, Bitte Artisanal Catering
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