Liberating Lyme: Protocol Summary

Thursday, April 15, 2015

Liberating Lyme: Protocol Summary

LIBERATING LYME: Summary for treating lyme disease -Vir mccoy
(Please know that I am not a doctor and the following is based on my experience and unique situation- use caution and judgement when embarking on a plan – please find an appropriate physician to work with) The following is a summary of my experience and the most important tools that worked for me.

A. SPIRIT Aspects “Thank It, Bless It, Burn It!”
1. MOST IMPORTANT! YOU are not a disease! Your body is going through something. Stay firm in knowing who you are! Spirit!
2. Bless the “enemy”. Trust Love. The lyme is teaching you something! Forgive! Bring it into your heart to be liberated. Thank it.
3. Liberate it with the Fire in your belly! Where is the loss of power? Get that Fire burning! Use the anger as a motivator
4. Watch the fear. Lymes feeds on fear. Watch your thoughts. Get rid of old belief systems, old attachments.
5. Listen to your body wisdom and sensory impressions (taste, smell, guts, word, craving, picture) Intuition
6. Get lots of Rieki/ Spiritual Healing/ Healing Touch
7. Laugh till it hurts.

Walk In Love
Walk in Peace
Ask the Matter
What’s the Matter?
End the Mental Chatter
Look closely-what do you see?
Work with the physicality
Bless your body
And the enemy
Then Liberate those that seek to harm thee
Harm not thy own body
Stand firm against those that would seek to do harm to thee
Forgive yourself From the past
Support your immune system to do its task


1. Lyme disease is part of a family of confections. There are 4 main culprits. Borrelia is Lyme and there are many subspecies and local variants of Borrelia. Babesia microti and Babesia duncani are protozoans and are treated differently. Erlichia ( Erlichia chaffiens and/or Anaplasma phagocytocis) are treated differently as well. Bartonella is another bacteria.

2. You must be tested for all 4 of these confections at a reputable lab like Igenix in Palo Alto. Don’t assume you don’t have the confections if you don’t test positive. Go by clinical manifestations. I.E. if you have fevers or night sweats you have Babesia and/ or Erlichia. Treat them all differently.

3. Lyme(Borrelia) takes on 3 basic forms. (Babesia too?)
A. The adult spirochete bacteria that get deep into the joints and nervous system and can mutate
B. The Intracellular or Cell Wall Deficient (CWD) or L form that invades immune cells and mimics and hides.
C. Cyst or Egg form that can lay dormant for some time (1 to 1.5 years) with a slimy resistant shell.

4. Basic cycle of Borellia
The adult spirochete penetrates blood/brain barrier after 2-3 weeks. After 2-3 weeks in hostile environment spirochete lays cysts that go dormant and adult penetrates immune system cells (cell wall deficient) and hides. The cysts hatch when coast is clear. Now new hatchlings are genetically dissimilar to original (it mutates). Then within 2 weeks(my belief) it can lay cysts again. Lyme has been called “The Great Imitator” as the intracellular version mimics cell parts and hides from the immune system. Special hiding places are the tendons, ligaments and joints, jaw bone, and nervous system in the myelin sheath (saturated fat) that cover the nerves and nerve ganglia. The pineal and pituitary glands in the brain are targets as well. Then the immune system is busy trying to “catch up” to the mutations and often an autoimmune situation forms (attacking an “echo”). So we end up with a very mutable adaptable critter.

5. All three forms must be treated and when cysts hatch catch them before they lay again. It may take time. Its like running a marathon. Push and pull the layers.

1. Exercise Exercise! Circulation. Sweat! Access that Tiger inside! Get the Bile flowing!
a. Lift Weights
b. Martial Art
c. Yoga, Chi Kung
d. Swim, Run, Bike, Surf etc…..
e. Sauna, Infra Red
2. Diet – Eat Local, Organic,
a. Look at your ethnicity and ancestral diet. What were your ancestors eating before other foods came in? For example are you Native American? Then eat buffalo and corn! Not chicken or wheat! (no wheat or chickens in the new world)
b. Blood Type – check for appropriate foods for O,A,B and AB blood types.
c. Individual sensitivities. What foods feel great to eat? What do you notice slows you down? Trust intuition.
Do a 3 day fast and introduce foods back in one by one. Your body is unique. Check your Dosha.
d. Avoid foods such as refined, canned, processed, far away, sugars, and allergens (wheat!-unless you are of mid-east descent). I avoid in this order: wheat, dairy (pasteurized) and chicken.
e. Best Foods (eat lots!)
Eggs- (game are best) Soft Boiled or Sunny side up (Lethicin)
Greens (Esp. Mustard, Kale, Parsley and Chard)
Berries (Esp Blue, Black and Strawberries)
Grapes/wine (for Resveretrol)
Onions, Cayenne, Ginger, Horseradish, Garlic
Oils (Fish, Flax, Olive)
Saturated Fats for nerves (organic, antibiotic free) (Coconut or Pork if eat meat)
Raw Dairy / Colostrum
Sauerkraut (non pasteurized)
Citrus (lots of Vit. C) Lemons or Grapefruit
f. Eat macrobiotic if digestion is weak with protein (Antibiotic free Buffalo, Lamb)
g. Raw foods for a month or longer in summertime.

D. MEDICINES – You will need all tools in your kit- Western and Alternative! (I am not a physician- this is my experience- use your own judgment)
The following is a short summary that worked best for me. For a complete list check the blog or email me.
Check with Doctor or Herbalist for Dosages!

1. ANTIMICROBIALS (Pharmaceutical and Herbal)
Long Term treatment. Choose 2-3 and rotate them. Pharmaceutical antibiotics (ABX) should be appropriate to the specific bug and rotated. Every ABX has a life span. I recommend Bryan Rosner’s protocol of anywhere from 2 weeks to 1.5 month on an antimicrobial and then take a rest and rotate it because the lyme may mutate. Same for herbals except herbs take longer so can be on them longer. Sooner or later the Cysts hatch and are killed before they can lay again if there is a antimicrobial present. If you can intuitively tell when hatching or flare ups occur save your ABX for these moments. Otherwise just stay on them. Do not take Cephalosporins or Penicillin based ABX (they kill the spirochete/adult form only) without a protein synthesis inhibitor for CWD forms or you’ll just force it into this form. Take Breaks. Treat the co-infections first. In general western antibiotics are best in the acute situations and the herbals in long term chronic stages. Everyone is unique and again this is what worked for me. Presently I do herbs and homeopathics as maintenance. Look for the Alchemy, Synergy and Rotate!

BORRELIA (lyme) – adult form
a. Pharmaceutical ABX (Best in ACUTE situations) – Attune to ABX-bless it – tell it what to do and what not to do. Take Western ABX with Usnea (an ancient antibiotic)
1. Doxycycline, Minocycline
2. Zithromax
3. I.V. Ceftrioxone (Rocephin) if really intense (make SURE you do it with Zithromax or a protein synthesis inhibitor antibiotic)
b. Herbal (Best in CHRONIC situations)
1. Cats Claw (TOA free)*
2. Resveretrol found in Japanese Knotweed and Grape Skins (Wine)*
3. Rieshi and Turkey Tail Mushroom powder (order from*
3. Teasel (Dipsacus)
4. Usnea
5. Mustard Seed (and greens)
6. Nicotiana tincture (Tobacco)
7. Noni and Mangosteen fruit or Juice
8. Olive Leaf Extract (good for acute flare ups)
9. Garlic
10. Oregano oil
11. Grapefruit Seed Extract (GSE)
*most important!
c. Major Helpers
1. Bee Venom (check and order from venex (Bee venom was major for me)
2. Colloidal Silver (esp. for Bartonella)
3. Frequency Devices – Rife Machines (use 360,432 hz) , Tuning Forks, Entrainment CD’s, Sound Healing, etc
4. Ayahuasca – Please use extreme caution! Powerful medicine only for some. Can take you to the core.
5. Ozone or Food Grade Hydrogen Peroxide
6. Salt/ Vitamin C protocol. See online for dosages – Salt gets adults- Vit C gets the Cysts
d. Homeopathics Start with 30C (work with a Homeopath!) and see what works (try a good lab like Hahnemman or Helios)
1. Ledum Palustre and Rhus Tox at tick bite or shortly after (take 8 times over 4 days)
2. Snake Venoms esp. Elaps, Crotalus, Lachesis and Naja (good with Vit D dysfunction, low body temp,joints)
3. Scleroporus (Western Fence Lizard) Lizards dont get lyme and their blood kills the spirochetes! (good with nerve damage/ nerve issues too) Hahnemman Labs only
4. Spider Venoms esp. Theridion, Lactrodectus and Aranea (order from Hahnemman labs) (good when seeing spiders)
5. Homeopathic Scorpion – helps boost immune system
6. Aurum Arsenicosum for late stage (try 1m) see Peter Alex’s book
7. China or Cinchona (quinine) Homeopathic for chronic sweats/ Babesia
8. Graphites- Black lead- very important for Cyst phase.
9, Kalmia / Bellis Perennis – tendon pain, sore muscles
e. Essences/ Color
8. Teasel flower essence (check David Daltons program)
9. Yarrow flower essence ( for knitting the energy field together and EMF protection)
10. Diamond gem essence for Pineal gland and dizzy feelings/ sore scalp-crown
11. Colloidal Gold (Elements for life) esp. for brain (very important!)
12. White Light/ Violet Flame/ Cobalt Blue healing colors

For CWD (intracellular or L Form)-
Minocycline, Zithromax, Cats Claw, Agave Tincture, Mushrooms
For Cyst or “egg” form
Alinia, Tinadazole, Plaquenil,
Resveretrol, Grapefruit Seed Extract
Homeopatic Graphites and Rhus Tox
Eggs (Chicken or Game)
Citrus or High Vit C
Colloidal Gold
MMS (miracle minerals)
BABESIA-“Treat it like malaria” Quinine, Artemesia, Atovaquone (Mepron, Malarone), Plaquenil- Ketek (rotate and pulse), MMS (miracle minerals) , Iron
ERLICHIA or ANAPLASMA- Rifampin/Doxycycline and Colchicine (no more than 1mg for 8 days-see Buhner)
BARTONELLA Aminoglycosides, (Vancomycin, Gentamycin-esp. ear), Colloidal Silver

The Mushrooms are excellent here as well as for metal detox. Rieshi and Turkey Tail Mushroom Powders in hot water. Cats Claw, Chaparral
3. DETOX (gut/nuerological/metals) Metal Detox is key- Lead, Mercury, Aluminum
Chlorella, Grasses, Colonics, Good Water, Coffee enema, binders, Skin brush the body often
Turkey Tail and Rieshi mushrooms for metals, Cilantro, Carob, Cacao and Cardamon for metals, zeolites
Liver/Gallbladder Flushes- The Liver is the Key organ to heal in lyme.
Vitamin C, Calcium (bonemeal is great), Magnesium, Selenium, Iron (Babesia), Copper ( if parasites),
Lithium Ororate (for mood swings and depression), Iodine, A good Liquid Multivitamin (Irish Moss)
Noni, Enzyme combo (w COQ10), probiotic, colostrum, yogurt, bile
Lethicin for brain, Fish oils, Flax oil, Butter (ghee), Avocado, Pork fat (esp. if dont do meat much)
Minimize Electromagnetic Fields, Do ancestral work (heal the old family issues) , Get dental work (no root canals and mercury fillings), Remove or minimize mold exposure. Earthwork/gardening, Learn to surf and get in the ocean! Move the old Anger- Martial Arts- Protection- Chi Kung etc.
Animal Spirit Helpers call on Bear, Tiger, Eagle and others to help. Shamanic ceremony. Drum.
8. PARASITES. Gut health/integrity is crucial esp. Liver function
Albendazole, Metronidazole, Tinadazole, Bilticide
Garlic, Cloves, Black Walnut, Wormwood, Quassia, Wheatgrass (enema as well) Salt, Acorns

E. PROTOCOLS There are many different protocols that have been very helpful for some. The above info has been my protocol which is a synthesis and worked for me. Here are a few among hundreds.
1. Cowden Protocol (check online) Mostly rainforest herbs with Samento, Quina, Banderol, Enula etc.
2. Dr. Zhangs Protocol (check online) Garlic and Wormwood based
3. Marshall protocol (utilizes Benicar- I believe the snake venoms do the same thing as Benicar)
4. Buhner Protocol (see book reference below) Uses Japanese Knotweed, Andrographis and Cat’s Claw as foundation
5. Dr Dietrich Klinghards protocol. See (uses bee venom)
6. 18 day Lyme cleanse. Artemisia, Teasel, Mustard. Raw greens and plants.

Because a child’s circulation is better the antibiotics can penetrate more effectively. Cats Claw is excellent for kids with or without antibiotics (Esp. after a course of ABX). Work with fear in children. Lots of love and kindness as well as something that helps them feel protected (a martial art or self esteem strengthening)

REMEMBER: I have met many a person who had chronic lyme and are fine now. Many different ways. YOU CAN DO THIS! PRAY AND LOVE WITH YOUR HEART WIDE OPEN! RELAX THE FEAR AND BREATHE!

“the only thing to fear is the fear in your mind”
“the fire in your belly is the only pill you need”

For more info and a detailed list see the blog or email me at
Look for the upcoming book from Ayahuasca to Zithromax: An Intuitive Look at Lyme Disease


Lyme Literate Doctors in California (there are many- these are a few)
Dr. Steven Harris in Palo Alto 650 474-2130
Dr Catherine Ferhman (Alternative) in Fairfax 415-459-9200
Dr. Robert Rowan in Santa Rosa
Dr Wayne Anderson in Santa Rosa (
Acupuncture (Dr Steven Finkbine (had lyme) in Fairfax)
Homeopathy (Dr Nancy Herrick) 510-412-9040
Rieki / Energy healing
Medical Intuitives

Recommended Reading

Strashiem, Connie
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New York. Online Manuscript. 2005


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